Revitalisation of the Athens Commercial Triangle Program

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Commercial Triangle Revitalisation Program The Commercial Triangle is one of Athens’ most important neighbourhoods: Some of the most important buildings and monuments of Athens’ architectural and cultural heritage are to be found here, along with long-standing local commercial businesses. Every street and corner of this neighbourhood is part of this city’s lively history. The municipality of Athens has selected part of the Commercial Triangle of Athens to implement a pilot intervention program aiming at the overall revitalization of the area. In this context, it is upgrading infrastructure, pedestrianizing an area of ​​110 acres, redesigning cleaning and municipal police services and renewing urban equipment. The program of the municipality is supported by a founding donation from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (ISN) with the cooperation of the Athens Partnership. Pedestrianization and Infrastructure Works A wide network of pedestrian sidewalks will be installed over an area of 110 acres with the purpose of bringing pedestrians back to the center, creating a calm, visitor-friendly environment that inspires innovation. Environmentally-friendly materials will be used for infrastructure works, and green spaces will be installed to temper the microclimate of the area, keeping it cool throughout the summer months. Illegal Parking The police will strictly enforce parking rules to keep public space free of illegally vehicles. Cleanliness With new garbage trucks and cleaning equipment, cleaning and maintenance will be carried out with greater ease leading to better results and improving the image and everyday life of the area. New Equipment New benches, trash cans and flower pots as well as new environmentally-friendly LED bulbs will mark the realization of a new city image. Improved city image The creation of a well-maintained public space is a priority so that residents and visitors can feel happy in their surroundings.  In addition, abandoned buildings will be utilized creatively- some have already been used to hang up large building wraps that work to cover their facades. More green spaces The program is working on interspersing pockets of green breathing space throughout the dense urban setting to imbue a sense of calm functionality. More public space Enforcing the law and freeing up public space from illegally parked vehicles as well as removing broken or unused street furniture  will give visitors, residents and store owners valuable, free and open public space. Highlighting the Triangle’s artisanal and gastronomical wealth The Commercial Triangle, is home to traditional small business and industries that have survived over generations. At the same time a multi-ethnic food culture has flourished in the area. The goal of the program is to highlight the area’s unique character by protecting commercial businesses, as well as residential and commercial hubs. Creative City Space will be given to artists and creative teams for the installation of public artworks so that the Triangle can transform into a center for creativity and a source of new initiatives. Active collective participation in the program: Business, residents, visitors The municipality of Athens has put together a special team that has been working since April 2016 to bring the program to life. New initiatives have been designed and are based on findings from a survey conducted on store owners and visitors in the area, with the purpose of improving the daily lives of store owners, residents, and visitors. The program is being implemented step-by-step so that in turn it can be assessed in a stepwise fashion, allowing for careful prioritization of efforts. The team works right in the heart of the area, on Aiolou Street, and our door is always open.