Revitalisation of the Athens Commercial Triangle Program

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Athens Trigono
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Beyond Human Impulses: Α three day performance art festival from Iceland saw more than 18 artists perform their work at 3 Chrysospiliotissis street, as part of Athens Intersection, the Commercial Triangle’s art program. More than 300 people attended. 3 Chrysospiliotissis street: Αn old paper warehouse that had been abandoned for more than 17 years, was cleaned and  transformed into an exhibition space for young artists. Six exhibitions and a guided tour have already taken place here. Building wrap Μarch 2018 : Since January 2017, we have been working systematically to cover large surfaces at focal points of the city with  pictures of Greek contemporary dance. This building wrap depicts the show LINKS by Antonis Foniadakis, a Greek National Opera production from 2016. BEFORE -> AFTER: Κairi street BEFORE -> AFTER: Αiolou and Athinas intersection BEFORE -> AFTER: Polykleitou street