Revitalisation of the Athens Commercial Triangle Program

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Athens Trigono
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From a war shelter, to a “shelter” of ideas

 The word ‘bunker /shelter’ did not exist in the Athenian vocabulary. Haven foreseen the clouds of the War of 1936, the Metaxas government designed and implemented a civil protection program, a network of shelters. ‘Bunker’ exhibition takes place in a real bunker shelter located at 33 Praxitelous street, within a modernist building of the second half of the 1930s which remains well preserved in it’s original form. Within a distinctive atmosphere in which art meets the hidden heritage and history of Athens, 17 artists comment on issues of power, withdrawal, decay, conflict, time and transformation, staging their work as a temporary ‘refuge’ of ideas.


Probably Wonderful?


Athens Intersection returns to its birthplace, a location that has become quite familiar to the public. The group exhibition “Probably Wonderful?” commenting on the importance of artwork will open on November 30, at 20.00 at the Paper Warehouse at 3 Chrysospiliotissis Street. The building is courtesy of the Hatzikonstas Foundation, which reopened after 17 years through the Revitalization of the Commercial Triangle program of the Municipality of Athens.

George Kaminis receiving the enormous check of 1 million euros on behalf of Athens, the European Capital of Innovation 2018

A few minutes after the clock struck 12 noon on Tuesday, the crowd gathered at the recently renovated Serafeio complex in downtown Athens broke out in applause and cheers. Representatives from the municipal authority, local NGOs and civil society were celebrating an unexpected victory for the City of Athens – the coveted title of European Capital of Innovation for 2018, accompanied by a one million euros cash prize funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program.
10 days, 13.00 square feet, 11 exhibitions,78 artists, events, performance, talks, screenings, parties – Back to Athens 6/ 2018. For 10 days, from June 1 – June 10, local and international artists from Greece, Austria, Germany, US, Belgium, Cyprus, Georgia, Ireland unite their creative vitality at the 6th Back to Athens Festival, inhabiting empty spaces and buildings within the Athens Commercial Triangle. Back to Athens is an idea platform, a transit-meeting place for artists in Athens.